Perfect Smile Makes You Popular

Perfect Smile Makes You Popular and Why You Should Always Smile

The social benefits of smiling are not a secret. Almost everyone has a friend, colleague or relative who are best known for their smiles. They are always happy and will never miss a chance to show off their teeth, whether or not you think they have the perfect dental formulas.

But other than just being popular, there are real benefits that come with smiling and laughing by extension, and if you are the frowning type, the time is now for you to start smiling quite often. Here are some of the things you have been missing by hiding your smiles:

Improved mood

Smiling can elevate your moods if you are feeling gloom and this is highly beneficial for people dealing with conditions such as depression and anxiety. With a smile, warm and positive thoughts will flood your mind, and you won’t have to focus on the negative bothering you at the moment.

Smiling lowers blood pressure

If you are worried about being a victim of high blood pressure, then you have every reason to start smiling, even for no good reason. A good laughter increases the heart rate and blood pressure. This is important for heart health and will help you lower your chances of being a victim of conditions such as heart diseases.

Smiling helps in relieving stress

Every time you smile, whether or not you are happy, the levels of stress in your body will go down. The explanation to this is that smiling lowers heart rate, yet stress causes heart rate and blood pressure to increase. Therefore, one way to deal with stress is to teach yourself how to smile in all situations.

Smiling helps to relieve pain

Smile and laughter are the last things you may associate with pain, but studies have shown that when you smile or laugh, the body releases its own painkillers if you were in any form of pain. Additionally, laughter can increase the pain threshold, thus making you have a higher tolerance for pain.


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