Cases of severe bone loss in jaw

Dental implants without the necessity of bone augmentation are possible!

Patients with a severe bone loss in the jaw can have a successful outcome with dental implants for permanent teeth. Even if the density of the bone for conventional dental implants is not in accordance with, you can dispense with the removable prosthesis! They improve the taste of food, you can enjoy natural flavors and sensations again!

Dental implants can eliminate the numerous embarrassing inconveniences and discomfort of removable dentures.

Also for those patients who suffer from osteoporosis, periodontitis, gingivitis, diabetes. Alternative therapy in the severely atrophic maxilla. A fixed prosthesis of high aesthetics in a week in Budapest! In case of defective bone, it is a sustainable, satisfactory solution!

With computer imaging and a CT scan, we map out the bone quality and quantity to see where we can place dental implants using what is called "Strategic Implantation".

  • Without the risk of rejection
  • Immediate loading
  • Palate-free bridge supply
  • Fixed temporary bridge
  • Local permanent bone is optimally utilized
  • Strong Teeth immediately
  • Free initial consultation without any obligation
  • Entirely painless professional treatment executed by highly trained professionals
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Smoking is possible
  • Patient counseling and assistance in English 
  • Assistance with the organization of travel and accommodation

Full Supply of a Complete Jaw

1st visit:  Dental implants (KOS / BCS-Made in Switzerland) with a fixed long-term temporary bridge
2nd visit: Final dentures from Metal-ceramic (14 elements)

The price of treatment includes:

  • cost-free initial consultation
  • tooth extraction
  • assistance during your stay in English

Laboratory and honorary charges are included in the price.

It is possible to carry out the operation under general anesthesia or sedation.

The following services are included in the price: consulting, orthopantomography and radiographs, extraction, preparation and medicine, local anesthesia, honorary costs, laboratory costs, fixed long-term temporary bridge, a final fixed bridge from metal-ceramic, copies and interpretation.

What we offer

  • Surgical expertise and flair for perfection
  • Professional treatment, first-class quality, and craftsmanship from Germany and Switzerland
  • Implantology, fixed crowns, and bridges from metal-ceramic or zirconium
  • Professional treatment without pain, with a guarantee
  • A team of the best Hungarian dentists/implantologists
  • A fixed prosthesis in a few days 

Dental Clinic

  • Over 20 years experience in implant dentistry
  • A success rate of 99.74%
  • Individual treatment plans for anxiety patients
  • Treatment under sedation or general anesthesia
  • Own dental laboratory
  • Lifelong warranty
  • We are very proud that what we promise, will be implemented!

After the dental implant, each patient receives an implant passport from the time of implantation and the data of the implant itself (make, length, diameter etc).

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You get for free:
  • Airport Transfer
  • Personalized, Detailed Treatment Plan
  • Full Implant Consultation and Dental Check-up
  • Full Mouth Panoramic X-ray
  • Computerized Bite Analysis
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