Full Mouth Panoramic X-ray

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Digital panoramic X-ray

The device easily and quickly takes x-ray images of the lower and upper jaw, oral cavity and teeth that is important to make the correct diagnosis in general dentistry, oral surgery and orthodontics as well. In every complex dental procedure (dental implants, oral surgery, focal-diagnosis) it is an indispensable tool for our clinics.

In this case, it is not replaceable with 1-2 small dental X-ray images. The images are made in a special X-ray room and transmitted onto the computer monitor in the treatment room.X-ray projections appear on the monitors of multi-purpose dental chairs within a few seconds in full view so that both patients and dentist can view the results.

If required it can be taken on CD.

Digital x-ray

The digital x-ray device can take a picture of your teeth than in 1-2 minutes shows it to you on a computer monitor while you are in the dental chair. The on-screen picture will look like a dental X-ray image but it is bigger, the dentist can zoom in, rotate it and sharpen it. It makes easier to get the right diagnosis and it's easier for you to understand how your dentist will treat your teeth.

Because each treatment room has x-ray device pictures can be taken in the dental chair. The device has no scattered radiation, so it can be carried out anytime during dental treatment and we can see your teeth and surrounding structures immediately.

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