Oral hygiene, cosmetic dentistry

Unfortunately, there comes a time in every people's lives when dental treatment is inevitable. In this case, it is worth to go to see the dentist as soon as possible instead of procrastination before the situation gets serious. Our clinic has a staff of specialists in various fields of dentistry; high-tech tools help their work, so you are completely safe and can get back your bright smile painlessly.

It is important to mention that today dentistry is not the same as a few decades ago. Due to the technological development dentistry has divided into narrow areas and these areas have its own specialists. Of course, it serves the interests of the patient to obtain outstanding services. So it is important to choose a dental clinic that provides the appropriate services.

You don't need to become an expert in the field of dentistry in order to accurately assess your own needs our qualified staff can diagnose it through consultation. If there are more options in your case, the dental treatment plan will be drawn up according to your opportunities, aesthetic and other needs.

  • We offer professional dental treatments at a reasonable price
  • Our dentists have many years of experience in all aspects of dentistry. They regularly attend courses to learn the latest techniques and develop their skills.
  • Imperial Dental is one of the best-equipped, modern dental clinics in Budapest, located in the center of the city.
  • Our dental clinic's equipment is the most advanced currently available tools in their fields today.
  • Our own dental lab works with the latest technologies.
  • Our staff is highly trained professionals with years of experience.
  • We give a guarantee on dental implants and cosmetic dental works.
  • We are not an agency. We are a dental clinic, owned by our chief dentist and implantologist.

It is very important to us that you feel safe and welcome during your visit to Budapest!

Dentistry for the healthy shiny white teeth!

Imperial Dental is one of the best-equipped, modern dental clinics in Budapest. Besides its exclusivity, it is equipped to the highest standards of dental care comply with all EU standards. Our dental equipment is the most advanced currently available tools in their fields today.

Our dental rooms provide the latest technology combined with a pleasant, comfortable atmosphere. We use high quality, well-selected dental materials which comply with Western European standards. Our dental clinic staff is highly trained professionals with years of experience.

Our dental technical background works with the latest technologies. CAD/CAM technologies (Computer-Aided Design and Computer-Aided Manufacturing) produce different types of dental restorations (crowns, veneers, inlays and onlays, fixed bridges, dental implant restorations). Restorations are designed by using the scanned 3-D image of the impression of prepared teeth and milled from solid blocks of ceramic materials. This computerized technology allows the very accurate fabrication of dental prostheses and achieves the perfect aesthetics result. Not only tooth restorations but the implant abutment can also be made of metal-free zirconium-oxide.

We pay great attention to cleanness and hygiene. We put a great emphasis on sterilization of our equipment by using a safe and modern technique. The sterilized tools are packed and stored separately.

Our mission is to provide the latest, professional dental treatments to our patients in an elegant, friendly and secure environment at affordable price.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Surely you are aware of the fact that dentistry is now not only health issues, effects on human relations and business relations with partners. Dentistry today is connected with the concept of a brilliant smile, confidence and a perfect first impression.

Within the past few years, there has been a remarkable interest in cosmetic dentistry, but you have to know that there also exists more opportunities so it is necessary to be informed to make an easier decision. Thanks to advanced technology cosmetic dentistry have not really been separated from general dental services, as e.g. dental fillings are also expected to be aesthetic.

In fact, cosmetic dentistry means that the dentist creates a reconstruction that looks exactly like real teeth and also very resistant. Increasingly we see that natural beauty is preferred. It is the same in dentistry as well as the most similarity to natural teeth means the real aesthetics.

Remember that healthy shiny white teeth give you confidence in private and business life too!

Take a look around our site and if you would like to come for a free consultation or you have further questions please contact us!



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